Google kills Google Reader – lamentations, searches for alternatives

Credit Aurich Lawson,
Credit Aurich Lawson,

Google is shutting down Google Reader, their RSS feed reader that allows news from hundreds of sites to be read in one place. Sure, RSS is probably dying but still, there’s no other way to put so much news in one place. Also, by killing Reader, Google has alienated their core audience of geeks and developers. I mean, Twitter was furious last night. This could be a Netflix moment for Google

Lifehacker, Venturebeat, Ars Technica, and Silicon Angle have helpful articles on alternatives to Google Reader. Here’s what I’ve found so far. Keep in mind that these alternatives are currently getting pounded by no doubt millions of extra users testing them out now. I’ve looked at Feedly and like it. It has a modern, attractive interface and syncs across multiple devices, which is important to me.

Cloud based. access from multiple devices, always synced

Desktop. These may well sync between devices by the time Reader shuts down

Smartphone only