Not The Singularity group blog launching officially Monday


Join Steve Hynd, Matthew Elliot, Josh Mull, Steve Wollett, myself, and more at Not The Singularity, with channels for Culture, Gaming, Tech, Politics, and WoW. I’m doing Tech.

Steve is from Newshoggers and recently was Editor at The Agonist. Josh, Steve and I did a political podcast for a while. Matt blogs at Bastard Logic and you can find Steve at Blasphemy Press. Things are just getting ramped up now with the official launch on Monday. Take a look and let me know if you’d also like to write for it.

Not The Singularity is a group blog, a partnership between authors who will seek to bring you the best commentary they can about range of subjects – literature, music, politics, foreign affairs, art, technology news and more. We promise we won’t dumb things down, but we also promise not to write in such densely academic pseudo-prose that you cripple your thinky-thing trying to understand what we’re driving at. We’ll be informative, stay classy and more than a little snarky, and we won’t pull our punches. Our politics will lean leftward, because “from each according to their means, to each according to their needs” seems to us to be the logical next step from “for the good of the greatest number”. We promise we’ll have fun writing so you have fun reading. There, that’s the mission statement.