Drones, Rand Paul, and the cowardly response from liberals

Surely Obama will change now that we've remained cowardly and timid
Surely Obama will change now that we’ve remained cowardly and timid

Cannonfire fesses up to the obvious. The excruciating silence from liberals on drones is appallingly. Apparently such things are ok so long as a Democrat orders them. And Rand Paul was right.

Liberals must face up to one supremely infuriating fact: Rand Paul is right on this one. Even one prominent Kos blogger admits it.

I think a lot of people (both Democrats and Republicans) have lined up on the drone issue based purely on partisan identification — the endless game of shirts-vs.-skins. But politics should be about ideas and values. The Democratic gutlessness on display here has no excuse.

Even Bernie Sanders was mute. Protesting use of drones against US citizens on US soil should not be a partisan affair. Interestingly, those of us to the left of progressive generally agreed with Rand Paul. It’s those squishy liberals and compromised mainstream Democrats who shamed themselves by saying nothing.

Let me repeat a point made in an earlier post: Do not buy into the infantile right-wing fantasy that we can counter the drone threat by “exercising our Second Amendment rights.”

True, however we can and probably will invent anti-drone drones or ways of jamming and confusing them.

We also need to shame progressives into putting principle ahead of party. Liberals must regain their old ground — and if that means standing against the Obama administration, so be it.

Obama has spat in the face of liberals since Day One. Really, it’s an no brainer to oppose Obama. But then, these are generally the same people who stopped going to anti-war protests in 2007 after it became apparent that Obama would win the presidential election. They weren’t antiwar, just anti-Bush.


  1. “There’s a man with a drone over there, telling me I got to beware…. step outta line, the man come and blow you away…”

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