Mark Abernathy and the Sabre Rattlers Kickstarter campaign


The Blaze profiles our friend Mark Abernathy and his band the Sabre Rattlers, who are raising money on Kickstarter for their new album. I encourage you to pledge. The music is powerful, mixing gospel with Americana.

God is in the songs: Meet the Mormon musician who’s mixing gospel, blues and country to redefine traditional hymns

Led by guitarist Mark Abernathy, The Sabre Rattlers is a unique music initiative that features a rotating pool of performers — individuals who collectively invoke a wide array of genres to create an unparalleled sound. From gospel to blues to Appalachian folk and country, Abernathy, a Mormon, and his associates use their talents to spread messages about God, history and life struggles.

“I’m a believer and I’m a sinner. That duality — that struggle — is manifest in the work and personal lives of the originators and pioneers of America music, Blues, Rock n’ Roll, Country — all of it,” he said. “I’m aware of the hypocrisy of singing ‘Jesus Be a Fence Around Me’ when I willfully make God-offending mistakes. But God is deep in the American music tradition and that’s the soundtrack that keeps me company and keeps me tethered.”