Nullification in Kentucky for new federal gun laws

The Kentucky Senate has approved a bill banning enforcement of new federal gun laws, another example of the ever-growing nullification movement where states simply ignore federal laws. This is also happening in multiple states with marijuana and in natural gas drilling in North Dakota.

One thing overlooked in the uproar surrounding the [2012 presidential] election is the nullification of federal narcotics law in Washington state and Colorado. If these laws are allowed to stand without challenge from Eric Holder’s Justice Department, then the green light is on for nullifying any federal law — including ObamaCare.

If the majority of citizens in an area feel a law is unjust or unreasonable, then maybe it should be nullified.


Jury nullification is the same process, and happens when juries decide to ignore particular laws when rendering verdicts.

I predict nullification will be happening all over soon enough, given the crumbling authority and competence of the federal government and increasing numbers of regional and issue-based disagreements with the federal government.

Colorado has legalized marijuana completely in a direct challenge to the federal government’s authority. And what will DEA do? Invade Colorado to eradicate marijuana? Not bloody likely, especially considering Coloradans tend to be well-armed. Guns, of course, are the other major nullification issue. However, there will be others – like taxes – soon enough.