Volcanic eruptions offset recent global warming, skeptics jubilant

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The Earth did not warm as much as predicted in the past ten years. Volcanic eruptions could be a reason why, say researchers, while skeptics openly mock what they see as desperate attempts to justify a belief that global warming is happening.

Erupting volcanoes offset recent Earth warming, according to a team led by the University of Colorado at Boulder. Researchers arrived at this conclusion after searching for clues about why Earth did not warm as much as climatologists expected between 2000 and 2010.

As you might expect, climate change skeptics are having fun with this. And they do have a point. If global warming has increased little in the past ten years then extraordinary weather events can’t be blamed on it.

There would appear to be a logic problem here.

We are told:
=that the reason for ‘Super Storm Sandy” was ‘global warming’;
=that the reason for all the snow is extra moisture caused by ‘global warming’;
=that the reason for the heatwaves in Australia is ‘global warming’
=that the droughts in Texas and the mid-west is ‘global warming’
=that the reason for the continual rain on UK was ‘global warming’
=that the reason for the melt of the Arctic ice cap was ‘global warming’
=that the reason for the extra ice extent in the Antarctic is ‘global warming’

And now we are told that the reason there has been NO global warming for 15 years is because of volcanic aerosols?

So as it is now agreed that there has been no significant global warming for 15 years and we now have been given a solid reason for that being the case – the preceding claims of severe weather being caused by warming they now agree didn’t happen must be false.

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  1. It isn’t that global warming has increased little in the last 10 years, it’s that it hasn’t increased as much as modeling would have suggested. The fact that volcanic aerosol activity has dampened the rise over the last 10 years only goes to prove the necessity of handling this problem. Without that aerosol activity we’d be worse off. It’s temporary. When it settles, temperatures will likely rise rapidly, as they have done for the past 50 years.

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