For banksters to win in Europe, democracy must lose

trust me i'm a banker

The European Commission feigns incomprehension about the Italian election while banksters have hysterics. The Great Unwashed are refusing to bow down to them and looting (AKA “austerity”.)

European Commissioner Barrosco meet with deposed Italian PM Monti today to insure the slaves that all was well and that austerity will continue as planned. Good luck with that. This just three days ater Monti and the austerity plan got its head handed to it in Italy elections. It’s not often often you get to see such muttonheaded obstinacy coming from supposedly intelligent people.

But their motives are hardly so clueless. For the banksters to continue their looting, all that pesky democracy stuff needs to go away, says New Europe.

Brussels, Berlin and EPP defeated by a comedian and a politician

One can easily realize that the Euro currency was designed to serve as the weapon of Germany to “occupy” Europe, something that it did not succeed militarily in two world wars. Germany won the Euro war but now, since the democratic institutions of Europe cannot be abolished with an EU Regulation, the financial occupation of Europe cannot be protracted any more since the people of Europe have begun to react.

If Brussels, Frankfurt and Berlin want to continue with austerity, rescue packages, measures over measures and the like, they have first to find a way to abolish democracy across Europe. That, in many quarters, this seems now to be the main concern is true. Whether they will dare to take the risk, is the trillion-dollar question.

‘Germans and Eurocrats throw hissy fits over Italian elections.’ The populist rabble is reaching for the pitchforks and torches.