Geothermal could provide 40% of Glasgow heat

Warm water at the bottom of abandoned coal mines near Glasgow, Scotland could be harnessed to provide heat for 40% of the city of 600,000, primarily for large buildings where installing a geothermal heat pump would be economically viable.


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    In a city where fuel poverty is rife, this will come as cold comfort. It may be green, it may be free at source, but it will do nothing to bring down the extortionate energy prices we are paying, and we have been told to expect a steep rise in those prices in the coming months and years. To those Glaswegians suffering through the lousy Scottish winter debating whether to eat or heat, forgive us for not getting too excited about some large corporate body making a fortune and giving itself a pat on the back for saving the planet. What most of those at the fuel poverty end of things want is cheaper energy bills to keep us warm and dry through that lousy winter.
    ann arky:

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