Adam Lanza non-story about Breivik repeated irresponsibly by media


Mainstream media in its usual irresponsible manner is repeating unsubstantiated rumors from undisclosed sources that Newtown shooter Adam Lanza was somehow motivated by Andre Breivek to kill people, even when police called this speculation. This is garbage journalism, sensationalist bullshit run regardless of what the facts are. Hey, but it’s good for ratings.

The sources are never named in the articles. Law enforcement responded, saying such reports are speculation, something mass media has ignored, continuing to run the original story. A few ran a disclaimer at the end of the article. Actual responsible journalism would dictate that the disclaimer be put at the beginning of the story or that the story be killed completely. Most didn’t run the disclaimer at all.

Sources say, Lanza was also likely acting out the fantasies of a video game as he killed 20 first graders and six adults at the school. For Lanza, the deaths apparently amounted to some kind of “score.

Really, and on what is this report based? On anonymous leaks which were repudiated by police, that’s what.