Bipartisan ineptitude on sequester and budget in DC

The Keystone Cops of Sacramento attempt to avoid another budget crisis.
The Keystone Cops of Washington DC AKA Congress and Obama spring to action to stop sequester crisis.

Not only are most politicians in DC hopelessly beholden to campaign contributions they are also hopelessly incompetent and uninterested in serving those who elected them. Congress and Obama have known for months the sequester is coming so right before the deadline, rather than work on a sequester solution, they go on vacation, arrogant and clueless behavior which shows their contempt for anyone outside their protected little bubble.

The Democrats’ sequester proposals: You can’t be serious.

It’s not just the Republicans who are blocking a solution and being obstinate, says the LA Times.

CBS’ Bob Schieffer: ‘Even Washington managed to underestimate its own ineptitude’ on the sequester

“Well, guess what,” Schieffer said. “Even Washington managed to underestimate its own ineptitude. The sequester and the draconian cuts are about to happen, because the White House and Congress can’t close the partisan divide and figure out what to do with them — which is disheartening, to say the least.”

It’s more than disheartening. It shows we are governed by mediocrities who simply are not up to the task and who will cheerfully wreck the economy further if they can gain some slight personal political advantage from doing so.

With sequestration fast approaching everyone in Washington goes on vacation

I have nothing but contempt for both the Republican and Democrat parties in Washington …. and I am not even an American. You would think that piling trillions of dollars of debt, debasing the currency to fund entitlement programs that are not sustainable, getting involved in stupid wars, widespread corruption, lies, and more lies ….you would think that people would rebel …. or at least vote these bums out …. but alas no. You would think that at least the media would do what the media is suppose to do …. bring truth to power …. but alas no again.