Jihadists and Latin American drug traffickers merge


Trading drugs for weapons, and vice versa, is one of the oldest ways for criminal organizations and insurgents to arm and finance themselves. This could be reaching explosive proportions in Africa. Gosh, isn’t this wonderful news? Jihadists and drug traffickers are becoming pals

I do find it curious that Western governments focus so heavily on “terrorism” but somehow seem to not focus quite as much on international drug trafficking and the resultant money laundering by large banks. Perhaps that’s the reason. There are some doors they don’t want to open.

The radical Islamist groups who operate in the Sahara, the Sahel and in the West Africa regions finance their military activities with money from drug trafficking. They have negotiated agreements with Latin American cartels to transport drugs through the areas they control intended for the European market. With their focus on attacking Islamic terrorism, the governments of the European Union have neglected the drug trafficking phenomenon in the African Continent. Experts warn that narcos, jihadists and corrupt politicians could consolidate into an “explosive coalition” in the region.