Our mother and daughter foster cats, have been adopted!

Our mom and daughter foster cats, Hippity and Monkey, just got adopted out as a pair to a great home. Live well and prosper, little buddies. We fostered them for six months.  It’s always a little sad to see them go. However they are now in their forever homes. No more cages, no more shuttling around from place to place. We fostered them for Cat Connection in LA and placed them via Maine Coon Adoptions in Oakland.


Hippity, you will notice, has a clipped ear. She was found pregnant in a feral colony but wasn’t feral at all. She’d probably been a house cat and was dumped when she got pregnant. The woman who was trapping the ferals said Hippity ran up to her squeaking, as if to say, get me out of here. Feral cats are routinely trapped, neutered, then released back in the wild with one ear clipped to signify they don’t need to be trapped again. She accidentally had her ear clipped with the rest of them.


The photo shows Monkey with a bedraggled birdie on a stick. Chasing it is her favorite pass time. She picks it up in her mouth and brings it to you.