Christopher Dorner – no police officer or family is safe


When the news first hit LAPD had shot innocent people in their search for rogue LAPD cop Christopher Dorner I thought, sounds just like LAPD (I lived in LA for years.) But then came the realization that Dorner shot several cops and killed the daughter and fiance of the LAPD captain who defended him on the charges for which he was eventually dismissed from LAPD.. Further, Dorner shot at cops who were guarding another police officer, presumably someone Dorner had targeted, in Orange County.

Thus, no police officer is safe and neither are their families until Dorner is caught. Given that, you might go mad dog too trying to find him.

By now, Every large black man in Southern California now must be thinking maybe I should just stay inside until Dorner is found.

Anonymous has posted Dorner’s full manifesto. Other sites have posted edited versions. He sounds like the classic violent bully boy who loudly proclaims how peaceful he is until (in his view) justifiably riled and forced, forced I tell you, to defend himself. Generally people who loudly say I’m not looking for a fight but will fight if I have to, are looking for a fight.

And of course, saying murdering people is a ploy to get LAPD to apologize is deranged.