Greece plunder escalates as country sells assets


First the banksters impoverished Greece, now they are stripping it of assets, all in the name of “austerity”, which in reality translates to more money for the 1% and less for everyone else. The banksters played a major role in the collapse of our economic system through their securitization of garbage mortgages, outright criminality and fraud, and corrupting governments as well as buying Greek bonds they knew damn well were junk, rightfully assuming governments would bail them out should the bonds go south. And they were right. The financial mafia of interlinking big banks and government officials has made sure the rest of us will pay for their sins and greed. Or so they hope.

Greece orders faster sale of its assets

Greece accepts $31 million bid for island plot

Greece looks to spin off part of state power firm

Greek banks investigated for loans to ruling parties

Future slavery for Greece

Sooner or later this kind of plunder will result in serious social unrest, maybe an overthrown government, and quite possibly nationalization of what the banksters thought they’d stolen for pennies.

Greek Isles cut off from mainland for sixth day as strikes return with a vengeance


  1. Ah those bad banksters…they are responsible for everything,even for the global warming,for the embezzling of some €300 billions of the European taxpayers,they are responsible even for the immigration of Russian women and girls in Greece…to be able 80-90 Years old greek boys to enjoy the rest of their live…in a country where even Zeus and other Gods leaving….

    • Ah Kiro, you are such brave bankster that you don’t even leave an email address.How bold of you!

      Yes, there is blame to be spread all around. However the financial crisis was primarily caused by bankster incompetence, greed, criminality and by the governments they have corrupted.

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