The rise of the lunatic fringe is an early warning

That cracking you hear around the edges of society from the so-called lunatic fringe needs to be taken seriously. It’s not just marginals acting out and getting violent. People have lost faith in the government, and for good reason. Our government is corrupt, favors banksters above all, ignores Rule of Law and the will of the people and thinks torture is ok as long as we do it. Our lawmakers are similarly bought-off when they aren’t outright comatose.

Under such circumstances, the healthy response is to look for reasons why our government is becoming a hollow shell rather than to pretend all is well. Those who question are far healthier than those who blindly accept the status quo

To the uninitiated this all seems rather humorous, albeit slightly unsettling. It would be both wrong and unwise just to slough it off as the ramblings of the insane. The reason such beliefs are gaining favor is because many Americans have lost faith and lost trust in the government and in America’s elected leadership. Given what has happened over the last decade, this is not only understandable, it is even, in an odd way, reasonable. A continual drift to the fringe can be expected because of the many very real things that make the foolish things suddenly more believable.