Germany plan to transition to renewable energy enjoys wide support

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Germany is united on their goal of eliminating fossil fuel and moving towards renewable energy. By contrst, here in the States, we continue to argue endlessly about everything including renewable energy and still have no offshore wind. Further, no major politician in Germany of any party denies climate change. The US is backwards and falling behind.


What would it take to transform the whole country’s electric grid–to shut down all of its old power plants, and move to a system that generates electricity exclusively from renewable resources? Well, that’s exactly what Germany’s trying to do–not decades from now”¦.but now. Correspondent Rick Karr reports on how German political parties of every stripe are now backing a plan that is expected to nearly end that country’s use of fossil fuels by 2050.

Much of the German push towards renewables was financed by the private sector with help from feed-in tariffs. The video mentions a small German town which is powered entirely by the wind and solar farms surrounding it. A local renewables booster there says he’s not a Green at all but this is just good business and makes sense.

Renewable energy doesn’t have to be political. After all, Texas leads the US in installed wind.