US falling behind other countries on cleantech and renewable energy


A Pew Research report, Innovate, Manufacture, and Compete, says the US is starting to lose it when it comes to energy, cleantech, and renewable energy. Ever-changing government policies make it difficult if not impossible to make plans more than a year into the future for those wanting to build renewable energy sites or improve the grid. Our political process is both corrupt and paralyzed. And it’s hurting cleantech. Other countries just don’t seem to have problems like these, do they?

The global clean energy marketplace is expanding rapidly, but the competitive position of American industry is at risk because of increased competition abroad and uncertain policies at home, according to a report released today by The Pew Charitable Trusts.

Private investment, manufacturing, and deployment of renewable power have been constrained because of the lack of a long-term, consistent energy policy. To strengthen America’s global competitiveness in this growing economic sector, the report outlines policy recommendations, including investments in energy research and development, extension of key manufacturing incentives, and establishment of a national Clean Energy Standard