3D printers will force the NRA to show their true colors

Defcad.org is working on 3D printing gune. defcad.org
Defcad.org is working on 3D printing guns. 

PandoDaily asks, Is the NRA really just a front for the gun industry? Because if they are, they they will come down hard against 3D printing guns. All their bluster about defending individual freedoms will quickly be forgotten as home printing guns becomes a reality.

I can envision a day in the not-so-far future when the NRA would not only countenance greater government regulation it would demand it.

Downloading specs to a computer and manufacturing “click, print, and shoot” weapons on a 3D printer would make it difficult to regulate – forget background checks or waiting periods.

Gun manufacturers, like Hollywood and the recording industry have done with file sharing, will go batshit crazy trying to stop 3D gun printing. You didn’t really think they or the NRA actually care about your freedoms, do you?