raises $100 million in outside funding

If you’re a geek or a coder, you’ve used the training videos on $25 a month for all the courses you want to take. I’ve used it many times. started 18 years ago on $20,000 and has been profitable virtually all that time. Last year they booked over $100 million in revenue and employ 400 people.

Yesterday, outside investors put $100 million into,which they will use to expand internationally. Couldn’t happen to nicer people.

I knew her dad during the old days of BBS’ing. We met on the Camelot BBS in Culver City in 1984. One day he announced, I don’t quite understand what’s going but my daughter Lynda just published her first book and it’s #4 in Amazon tech books!

Their $25 a month price hasn’t changed in years and it’s month-to-month too, no yearly subs. I can’t wait to see what does next.

BTW, I’m still in contact and friends with several people I met on Camelot all those years ago. Don’t let anyone tell you the net is transitory and ephemeral. The key of course is to meet online friends in real life too!