Deconstructing Anderson Cooper and his defense of the government


Adam Curry and John Dvorak, in their No Agenda podcast #478, deconstruct Anderson Cooper sliming those who question the official story at Sandy Hook as indicative of how, at crucial times, our mass media often closes ranks and defends the official line from DC.

Their primary point is that Cooper spent twenty minutes on what was essentially a non-story so he could by implication mock conspiracy theories in general and also those who question the government in any substantive way. Cooper appears to (pretend to) believe that there are no conspiracies and the government never deceives us. He also engaged in seriously sleazy Limbaugh-style attacks by saying  the college professor who questioned the Sandy Hook story works at a place that receives tax dollars, and isn’t that just too hideous for words.

After all, all those crazy conspiracy theories are just that, crazy, right? Just look at all the wacky things conspiracy nuts say about JFK’s assassination. Oh wait…

Robert Kennedy Jr.says the Warren Commission report was a “”shoddy piece of craftsmanship”, “the evidence at this point I think is very, very convincing that it was not a lone gunman”, and that organized crime was probably involved.

Why gosh, that’s just crazy conspiracy babble isn’t it? We await Anderson Cooper fearlessly attacking a target that can fight back, like Kennedy, rather than a college professor at a small university. I’m guessing he won’t.