No Agenda podcast with Adam Curry and John Dvorak


The perhaps unlikely pair of Adam “Crackpot” Curry and John “Buzzkill” Dvorak have been successfully doing the No Agenda podcast for over four years, twice a week. It’s entirely listener supported, generally at least two hours long, and rambles all over the political landscape with their jaundiced, humorous view of life inside Gitmo Nation. They delight in exposing the idiocy and duplicity of DC bureaucrats and elected officials and take no stories at face value.

Dvorak is a long-time tech journalist. Curry, among other things, was instrumental in developing podcasting with Dave Winer.



Adam Curr’sy podcasting setup via the No Agenda newsletter. This is his temporary setup in Holland, as he and his wife are there until they can convince the feds to give her a Green card.