Occupy Wall Street statement on Aaron Greene arrest

Morgan Gliedman and Aaron Greene were arrested in Manhattan over the weekend after police found a tiny amount of explosives and weapons in their apartment. He has been linked by unnamed sources to Occupy Wall Street.

From the Occupy Wall Street Press Relations Working Group

There is nothing in the news stories to support a link between OWS and the individual arrested; his name is unfamiliar to many OWS activists. A very large number of people came through Zuccotti Park, and there are countless Occupy-related groups nationwide, so it is very difficult to ascertain if one person participated in anything related to OWS.

This sounds like it was written by a lawyer. But if Greene was unknown to many OWS activists then it follows that he therefore was known by some. And saying there in no link between OWS and Greene in the original news stories is hardly a thundering denial.

OWS is amorphous and doesn’t keep membership logs. Thus, anyone can wander in and say they are an activist. Gliedman was being investigated for credit card fraud and Greene has had prior trouble with police, including assault and weapons charges. My guess, he was a fringe member with agendas other than politics and that they are both involved with drugs. She’s 27 and from a wealthy family, why would she need to do credit card fraud (which is what the investigation was originally about.)

Since its beginnings in September 2011, Occupy Wall Street has vigorously used its Constitutional rights to protest Wall Street greed, and is firmly committed to non-violence. Nonetheless, Occupy has been subjected to extensive surveillance and repression, and the NYPD takes every opportunity to link OWS to crime.

This is absolutely true. OWS could get in a difficult spot on this. They should stick to their ideals and not even give the impression of evading on this.


  1. The 7 Gram Coincidence

    Despite no longer being used in any official application, and despite its shock-sensitivity, HMTD remains a common home-made explosive and has been used in a large number of suicide bombings throughout the world, and was possibly used in the 7 July 2005 London bombings.[6]Bristol student Isa Ibrahim was charged for possession of HMTD. The New York Times reported it as the planned explosive in the 2006 transatlantic aircraft plot.[7] In 2012 three buildings in New York were evacuated after the discovery of seven grams of HMTD in an apartment; prosecutors said they found “The Terrorist Encyclopedia” and other explosive-related notes.[8][9][10]


  2. The coincidence is that you mentioned the same amount in the other HMTD piece

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