California marijuana farms trash and poison the environment


California marijuana farms siphon large amounts of water from streams and rivers endangering salmon and other fish, clear-cut wide areas, poison the area and water with pesticides, deliberately kill predators and animals that might eat the crops, and in general make a devastating mess and trash the environment.

“Scientists suspect that nutrient runoff from excess potting soil and fertilizers, combined with lower-than-normal river flow due to diversions, has caused a rash of toxic blue-green algae blooms in the North Coast rivers over the last decade.”

While there are small-scale operations in these remote areas, drug cartels often have gigantic grows on public land.

Indoor growing is problematic too.

A study in the journal Energy Policy calculated that indoor marijuana cultivation could be responsible for 9% of California’s household electricity use.

Let’s just legalize marijuana completely then regulate heavily. The current situation is untenable as California marijuana farms are making a mess that will take years, maybe decades, to remediate.