Has the Left lost its way, asks Socialist Unity

Chairman Mao

Andy Newman at Socialist Unity in the UK posits the question – has the Left gotten lost?

SU posted the above image of the Glorious Chairman in his peice and it didn’t take Harry’s Place long to respond.
Here’s one possible answer:

Anyone claiming to be on the Left who posts propaganda pictures romanticizing the greatest mass killer of the 20th century (by almost every measure) has certainly lost his way, if he ever knew his way in the first place.

Homer Simpson may be kind of dumb, but at least he got this right.

One one level it can be fun to watch these two blogs take shots at each other. However, it is also a decided symptom of Let disunity, isn’t it? Me, I think the Left (by that I mean the hard left, which starts to the left of progressives) is lost in the wilderness. There is a real life capitalist crisis going on now yet the Left has been able to organize on it. New tactics and approaches are needed because old ideas like waiting for unions to lead the way or the proletariat to rise up against bourgeoisie are useless. Especially in the US, unions are dead as organizing powers and most people don’t think classes exist.