Gigantic Sacramento biodigester opens. Food waste to natural gas



The Sacramento Biodigester will convert food waste from commercial facilities into to natural gas for their onsite ueling station. Wow. Instead of burning or landfilling the waste , it gets turned into fuel and electricity.

The Sacramento Biodigester is one of CleanWorld’s Organic Waste Recycling Centers and will convert 25 tons of food waste per day from area food processing companies, restaurants and supermarkets into renewable natural gas, electricity and soil-amendment products. The Sacramento Biodigester in 2013 will be expanded to process 100 tons of waste per day, making it the largest commercial-scale, high solid AD system in the United States.

This is a great example of how something that used to cost money to dispose of now gets recycled into energy and saves businesses money too. More please! We need biodigesters everywhere.

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