Swiss Army Cybertool. It does it all

This Swiss Army Cybertool has just about everything you might need in a compact package, including removable screw and nut adapters and a long handle for getting at computer parts, along with Philips and traditional screwdrivers. The adapters snap into place on the long handle, which locks firmly for better stability and ease of use. There are four drivers, each with two uses. Three of them fold away and the fourth remains on the long tool. It also has pliers and scissors. The corkscrew has a little eyeglass screwdriver contained within it which unscrews easily for use. There are also two blades, toothpick, tweezers, and a long rod for flipping computer DIP switches.

Swiss Army knifes are gems of design and engineering, oft-imitated, but no one else really comes close. The Swiss Army Cybertool comes in several configurations, was designed for working on computers – and most anything else too. It just replaced several pocket tools that I’d been carrying.

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