Our compromised, faux journalist mainstream media

Donkey Mountain has a fine rant on the deplorable state of our mainstream media. I would add that Fox News and MSNBC are simply mirror images of each other, only concerned with doing investigative journalism when it involves attacking the Other Side and never their own side. This of course means it isn’t really journalism at all, but just propaganda for the respective parties they are lapdogs for. In substance, this makes Fox and MSNBC little different from morning news shows reporting on the Kardashians and Lindsay Lohan. Both serve the power structure by under-reporting real news and replacing it with either celebrity pap or faux pit bull attacks.

I did something unusual this morning. I watched some of the cheesy ass mainstream morning news shows, Good Morning America type crap. It is toxically vapid, even dangerous. They are all about whipping up fear: a shooter in Oregon. A ballistic missile in North Korea. Wrong way drivers! There was absolutely nothing in the way of real news. Then they switched from making us afraid of wicked foreigners with their magic ray guns in order to engage in a little mindless celebrity worship.

But when igt comes to reporting on crime in high places, like HSBC being criminal indicted for money laundering, well, our mainstream media may put up a token mild burst of indignation and then the story disappears.