Freeway Blogger put up 1,000 climate change signs this year

The Freeway Blogger has been busy putting up signs near freeways warning of climate change, over 1,000 so far this year. His signs get seen by thousands every day. His blog explains how to make them and, no, he’s never been arrested.

I just bought two hundred posters of the earth from space and will be putting them up on West Coast freeways for the next few months. Remember all those flags that went up after September 11th? This is like that, except instead of putting signs up after the tragedy, I’ll be putting them up before.

These are the three things that worry me most:
1) The amount of carbon we’re putting in the atmosphere.
2) The amount of carbon dioxide and methane seeping out of a now melting permafrost
3) The fact that an ice-free Arctic will start absorbing all the heat from the sunlight it used to reflect.