Doha climate conference a carefully-planned failure

Nothing of substance has been accomplished at the Doha climate conference which of course was the predetermined agenda of the superpowers including the United States. Oh yes, our government makes a great show of pretending to care about climate change but when it gets down to concrete plans, blocks any substantive change.

Developing countries have come here in good faith and have been forced to accept vague words and no numbers,” [Tim] Gore said. “It’s a betrayal.”

The developed countries have basically stonewalled any chance of real change despite the alarms being raised by many. But our worldwide political class appears to be mostly comatose and coopted.

The annual death toll worldwide from climate change is estimated to be at least 150,000.

The CIA says that climate change could lead to “geopolitical destabilisation””. The World Bank says a world where temperatures rise by 4 degrees Celsius “must be avoided”