Portable solar power generators being used in Sandy cleanup

Credit: Consolidated Power

Consolidated Solar and other companies trucked in portable solar power generators to help the recharge zombies power up their mobile devices after Sandy. Portable solar is still being used there, primarily to power the tools needed for the massive cleanup and rebuild efforts.

Greentechmedia has a long, informative article detailing how portable solar has made a huge difference in the aftermath of Sandy and how portable solar should now be an integral part of all disaster relief efforts.

Solar One’s [an umbrella relief group] building became a meeting place right after the storm, as its solar panels continued to keep the lights on in its building when the rest of the community was dark.

Along with solar power being deployed in disasters, we need distributed solar power on rooftops everywhere. Imagine the difference if there had been abundant solar power in NY and NJ. Thousands of homes would have stayed at least partly powered, ditto for traffic lights, cell phone towers,, etc.