Holographic radar can tell planes and wind turbines apart

An artist’s rendering of the on-site equipment needed for the holographic radar, which can be placed within a few miles of a wind farm. (Credit: Aveillant via CNet)

Holographic radar means that wind turbines can now be identified within 20 miles of an airport, allowing much more land to potentially be used for wind farms. This new holographic radar is being developed by Aveillant, who is testing it now, with installations starting at airports.

A plane or any aircraft can be indistinguishable within the clutter caused by the wind turbines. It can track in the wrong direction aka track seduction, or it may not be detected at all in the area around the turbines, known as shadowing. Aveillant’s Holographic Radarâ„¢ clearly distinguishes between the wind turbines and the aircraft and feeds only the aircraft positional information without the turbine clutter to the airport radar. The controllers will then have a consistent and accurate view of the aircraft the entire time it is over the wind farm.