Left – right confusion. Why my wife doesn’t let me drive in Britain

I have left – right confusion and on a good day get turning directions confused continually while driving. My wife has learned to point rather than say “turn left” and then wonder if I’ll turn right instead. Concentrating on it doesn’t appear to make much difference.

Thus, there was much excitement in the rental car when we were in Britain a few years back and I happily started driving the wrong way down a narrow road. Sue shrieked, and I was promptly banned from driving in Britain except for divided motorways like M1 where presumably I couldn’t get into too much trouble.

This affects about 15% of the population to some extent. No one knows why.  There are no correlations between it and anything else and the only bad side effects apart from shrieking wives is that you are a klutz when it comes to following ballroom dancing directions.

Take the Left – Right Confusion Test to see how you rank!