Calderon says US bears huge responsibility for drugs

“[E]ither the United States and its society, its government and its congress decide to drastically reduce their consumption of drugs, or if they are not going to reduce it they at least have the moral responsibility to reduce the flow of money towards Mexico, which goes into the hands of criminals. They have to explore even market mechanisms to see if that can allow the flow of money to reduce,” says outgoing Mexico President Calderon.

The dirty truth of course is that much of the literal blood money from drugs ends up being laundered by corrupt US hedge funds and investment banks, which makes them every bit as criminal as the drug cartels themselves.

And why do Americans take so much drugs? We need to face this unpleasant truth and ask why, and what can we do to change it. But the underlying problem is that we have a parasite, criminal financial class that doesn’t care how many die, are tortured, or become addicts, so long as the money keeps coming in.

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