Steve Ballmer plans total Windows domination

I was wrong about Ballmer and Microsoft. These past few years, instead of being asleep, Microsoft was building huge amounts of new software, tools, and more. Surface and Windows 8 will be huge. The Windows Phone is the equal of the iPhone (and I say that as an iPhone user.) They are moving into cloud computing big time and signing up major clients. Xbox remains a huge hit. The list goes on and on. Suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, Microsoft is everywhere, with cutting edge new products and promising more.

Steve Ballmer has all his troops lined up, and he’s ready for a massive, multi-pronged attack on the entire tech universe.

Consumer services, devices, software, enterprise services, video game consoles, internet telephony, media and entertainment content — Microsoft stands ready to deliver it all.

Microsoft is often late to the game. But when they move in, watch out. Just ask CP/M, WordPerfect, Novell, and Lotus 123 about that. This renewed competition mightily benefits consumers as Apple, Google, Amazon, and a newly invigorated Microsoft do battle worldwide. Bring it on!