Switch liquid-cooled LED now available

[ The Switch liquid-cooled LED ] creates the same warm color of an incandescent, yet it’s made with reclaimable or recyclable materials using the Cradle to Cradle methodology. Inside the bulb is a liquid thermal cooling solution that helps cool the LEDs from all sides, producing more light from less LEDs. In fact, a Switch bulb lasts about 25 times longer and uses 80% less energy than an incandescent.

They are now available at Battery Plus are are $45-50 each. CFLs were expensive when first introduced too and will probably prove to be a transitional product with LEDs light bulbs taking over. Switch liquid-cooled LEDs contain no mercury, and fit into regular fixtures.

The LQD Cooling System uses a liquid silicone, a coolant commonly used across many industries—so it’s proven to work. It’s an ingredient found in food products and cosmetics, and it’s also used for cooling large machinery and power plant equipment. Our liquid silicone is a benign, food-grade liquid, and is electrically non-conductive, non-toxic and non-staining. It doesn’t degrade the LEDs or bulb components in any way, and it doesn’t harm people or the environment.