US likely to get involved in Syria civil war

Despite Americans’ exhaustion with 11 years of foreign conflict, the victor in Tuesday’s presidential race may find it all but impossible to keep the United States from becoming more deeply entangled in the unfolding calamity of Syria’s sectarian civil war.

Hogtwaddle.The US could simply not go there. Why is this our fight and what can we possibly hope to gain from getting involved in it? But the war pigs want a war, and will do their best to ignore what the public wants.

Another war will enrich our defense contractors and give the military more job security and toys to swagger around with. Like all our adventurist invasions, this one will be badly thought-out with long-term strategy reaching into the days, possible even weeks with lots of dead American proles and civilians in Syria, and then the usual faux anguish, how could they shoot at us after all we’ve done to help them?

Hillary Clinton calls for overhaul of Syrian opposition”. Eli Stephens says on Facebook, “Imperialists are really unbelievable in the brazenness of their interventionism.” I agree.