Hollywood: “Any notion of self esteem or dignity is a perverse fantasy”

Polizeros contributor John Wight writes in The Independent about the vicious caste sytem and ritualistic abuse of Hollwood. His memoir of the years he spent in Hollywood “Dreams That Die” is due out on paperback on Jan 25 2013 from Zero Books.

But talent alone is not enough in this town. More important than talent, much more, are connections. In order even to get a script read or secure an audition you have to know the right people. And it is here where the art of supplication reaches its climax…It is a recipe for the rampant exploitation and abuse that pervades in this part of the world, measured in the damaged humanity it leaves in its wake.

I knew John when we lived in LA and agree. I’m a computer consultant and once had two minor Hollywood types who were slow in paying me and mentioned this to a friend who ran a high end furniture store. She smiled and said “we have this conversation at least once a week in the store. We always get full payment in advance before sending any furniture to Hollywood celebrities” because they are notorious for not paying. Apparently the hired help should be grateful just to breathe the same air they are breathing.

Abuse towards underlings is ritualistic and vicious in Hollywood. Too many of them are simply overgrown overly-entitled children.