Whole Foods says No on California GM food label Proposition 37

Proposition 37 has little to do with health and everything to do with lawsuits by lawyers. Further, it is riddled with bizarre exemptions and loopholes so not all GM food would be labeled while other food might be labeled as possibly GM to avoid lawsuits..Emphasis added.

One of the provisions of Prop. 37 would allow lawyers to sue small neighborhood grocers and family farmers if the wording used on food labels was not compliant. No harm would have to be proved.

Whole Foods say No on Proposition 37, which is yet another example of a deliberately misleading proposition aimed an enriching specific interest group which do little if anything to help the population at large.  Emphasis added.

The people of California’s best interests will not be properly represented as the enforcement of Proposition 37 will not be handled in partnership with the California Attorney General’s Office to ensure objective guidance and impartial oversight, but instead by private plaintiff attorneys pursuing civil litigation. Manufacturers could be compelled to label products with ‘May be Partially Produced with Genetic Engineering’ even if it is not the case to avoid costly litigation and protect themselves. This could result in consumers receiving inaccurate information, which is contrary to the intent of the proposition itself.”