Clipper and FoxPro migration. My business website relaunches

My business website, , is now in WordPress. Among my specialties is Clipper and FoxPro migration, converting mission-critical database programs written in the 1990’s to Windows and the cloud.

What’s that you ask? Such dinosaur programs are still running? Yes, they are. Clipper and FoxPro are like COBOL. They will probably never die. However, such DOS-based programs don’t run well in Windows (and indeed, may not run at all.) So, I migrate them to Windows and to the cloud. My website has full details.

Data conversion is another specialty. I can convert most any data source to whatever format you require.

I also do website design and am moving existing business clients to WordPress too. WordPress makes it easy for them to make changes on the site, saving them time and money. It also has thousands of plugins, allowing most any needed functionality and it automatically notifies Google when there is a new post. As you can see from my business site, the home page can be a static page, so it doesn’t look like a blog.

The conversion went quickly. Switching the nameservers took 3 hours. Sitemap.xml and the redirect 301’s are working as they would. WordPress really does make it easy to migrate a site because it does so much for you.