The Dark Anniversary

Of course there’s not a year that goes by that this date doesn’t burn on my heart, my brain, or in my eyes. On this day in 1994, our mother and her boyfriend did not wake up. I don’t think I’ve ever described it this way, but it seems to be a much peaceful picture when compared to the horrible thing that happened.

On this day in 1994, our mother and her boyfriend became a statistic…murdered by someone they knew. The circumstances around it have always confused me – how could someone you know take your life? How could his son and nephew do this to him? Why would they do this to our mother?

These are questions I could ask, but why? What closure or resolution would it bring me? It brings me nothing.

So, this is where it sits – every year on her birthday and the day that she died, I get to ask myself these questions. I get to remind people that she’s gone, and how she left – all in hopes that people will lock up their guns?

Or, I can “chin up” and remind myself of the trials and tribulations that we all experience as human beings, recognize that this is “My Path”, and get our little girl ready for school.

There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of her, but you knew that already.

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