God “intends rape to happen.” Really?

The GOP needs to be boycotted until it removes the psychos.

Richard Mourdock has lost his gourd. Or, perhaps, he never had it. Like another Republican U.S. Senate candidate, Rep. Todd Akin, Mourdock refuses to keep religious myth and magical thinking out of what drives his decisions on public policy.



  1. If you are a devout religious believer then obviously it must shape the way you see the world. So why the surprise when these fundamentalists open their mouths and spout their magical man-in-the-sky drivel. As long as we accept that these people who hold irrational views of the world can be called on to legislate for the rest of us, we will have to live in the world of the insane.

  2. Let’s be fair to Mourdock, whether he deserves it or not —
    he did NOT say that rape was God’s intention —
    he said that a pregnancy from a rape was God’s intention.
    That may be even more creepy, but it’s what he said.

    Paul Ryan, on the other hand, referred to rape as a

    “method of conception.”

  3. If (presupposing the existence of both) Satan concocted a religion to lure us away from God’s love, it would be filled with hatred and self-serving inanity. Methinks some folks are playing for the wrong team.

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