Windows 8 is easy to use – ignore the hysterical reviews

Office Depot has Windows 8 laptops on display (they go on sale Oct 26.) I’d read only briefly about how Windows 8 works and was able to figure out the basics in about three minutes. A sales associate showed me more. Total elapsed time to learn the basics of Windows 8: 6 minutes.

So, forget the hysterical reviews that squeal OMG, Windows 8 is different. Yeah, it is different. It’s also intuitive, powerful, and easy to use. The control console on our Ford Escape took me way longer than 6 minutes to figure out. The hysteria over a new Windows interface sounds like #firstworldpains to me. Oh how tragic you might need to learn something new.

Top right. Bottom left. Remember that and you’re most of the way towards understanding Windows 8. A mouse or touch at the bottom left pops up the Home icon. Click it to return Home. The top right pops up the Charms menu as a vertical sidebar, which has apps, settings, and more. You can also set the home screen so a click in a blank area takes you to the traditional Windows screen we all use.

Oh, some reviewers are befuddled because there are multiple options for Windows systems and configurations now. However, last time I checked, choice was a good thing, not something to be feared.