The dot in your Gmail address doesn’t matter

Sarah Perez at Techcrunch says she sometimes get Gmail intended for some other Sarah Perez

I don’t know how the problem started exactly, but the other Sarah Perez can’t seem to remember her email address. It’s not sarah.perez@, as she mistakenly believes. The dot doesn’t matter – the email still comes to me.

Tell me about it. I get a regular 3-5 emails a week that were meant to go to some other Bob Morris. Sometimes they are quite personal. In Gmail, bobmorris@ is the same as bob.morris@. so if someone misaddresses Gmail to bobzmorris@ as bobmorris@, then I get it.

I also get Facebook notifications for a Bob D Morris, have gotten on numerous CC email chains by error, and several companies have sent me apparently confidential information thinking I was someone else.