Feds plan huge solar power in deserts

Credit: mojave.usgs.gov

I’m increasingly of two minds about the massive and relentless push for big solar power in deserts. Sure, we need renewable energy and lots of it, but on 19 million acres in the Mojave?

Incentives to cluster projects on 285,000 acres of U.S. land in the West will be offered and an additional 19 million acres of the Mojave Desert opened for new facilities.

This will change the Mojave forever. All that solar will need many roads and transmission lines to support it. The wildlife and habitat can not survive as is with such disruptions. Some may think the desert is useless and barren. It’s not. Rather, the desert is full of life and almost certainly does important things that we will only notice after we’ve changed it forever. Because that’s exactly what will happen.

Also, these projects are being proposed at precisely the same time that the Obama Administration is imposing punitive tariffs on solar panels imported from China, something that will increase costs of such projects dramatically.