Windstrument Wind Turbine


The Windstrument wind turbine is “affordable, powerful, wind-safe, scalable” and:

  • can be used locally for small needs yet be easily and infinitely expandable as the need arises.
  • can adapt to any electrical technologies/systems as available in the region.
  • is useful for residential, agricultural, utility and industry.
  • safe for humans, birds and animals.
  • can be used in any mixed use environment, from urban to agricultural.
  • can generate electricity or pump fluids
  • has an internal power storage capability
  • silent and with no ‘flicker shadow’ effect.
  • light and easily transportable, eliminating the need for new road construction.
  • price competitive with standard energy sources.
  • can be affixed to pre-existing or recycled poles, rooftops or other structures.
  • uses easily replaceable parts and blades.
  • can be quickly manufactured.
  • is affordable.