Syria invasion coming? NATO and US moving forces to Turkey, Jordan


Turkey has an army three times larger than Syria and the biggest air force in NATO. So why does Turkey need NATO help defending itself against Syria, which is preoccupied and weakened by its ongoing civil war? Ditto for the US sending troops to Jordan. Is a Syria invasion coming?

There have been repeated reports that the mortars fired into Turkey generally were just one shell, leading some to speculate if the rebels are doing it to bring Turkey into the war.

The Turkish strike against Syrian positions for the sixth straight day came after a shell landed in a Turkish border area in southern Hatay province.

(Emphasis added.)

Turkish jets force down Syrian passenger plane.

It sure sounds like the war pigs are bound and determined to have a war, doesn’t it? It’s like a group of belligerent drunks outside a bar claiming they won’t start a fight but boasting what serious whoop ass will be inflicted on whichever poor fool does. Sooner or later, someone throws the first punch and the mayhem begins. Which of course it precisely what they were all hoping for.

But invading Syria is quite different from Libya. The Assad regime still has an army and air force and clearly does not care how many it needs to kill to stay in power. The rebels are not a unified force. We have no clear idea who the factions are and who they are beholden to. Plus, Russia and China will probably back Assad.

Why is this our fight?