Border Patrol agent killed in Arizona

A Border Patrol agent was killed and another wounded, presumably by drug smugglers, in a dangerous drug smuggling corridor in Arizona near the Mexico border. The shootings occurred near the Brian Terry station in Naco TX, which was recently renamed to honor Terry who was killed in the line of duty in December 2010.

The Arizona – Mexico border is the most dangerous because it is so rugged that giant fences can’t be built. That’s why so much smuggling, both drug and human, happens there. Also, Tohono O’Odham nation land crosses the border. This adds more complexity to the problem because it is sovereign land and US law enforcement isn’t allowed there.

The drug cartels have better weapons and technology than law enforcement in the US. They frequently have spotters in high areas with night vision goggles and radios (and well as full auto rifles.) Sheriff Paul Babeu says there are entire areas in Pinal County that are not under control of the US. He’s not exaggerating.