Bad days for The Empire

Democracy Now headlines for the day.

Anti-U.S. Protests Leave 21 Dead in Pakistan
Anti-U.S. government protests continue in Muslim countries angered over a U.S.-made amateur film mocking the Prophet Muhammad. In Pakistan, at least 21 people were killed and more than 200 were wounded on Friday when thousands took part in nationwide rallies that turned violent.  More protests were held over the weekend in countries including Iran, Greece and Bangladesh.

Obama: Change Comes When “People Are Mobilized”
Campaigning over the weekend in Virginia, President Obama told supporters that the change he has pledged in Washington will only come with the mobilization of ordinary Americans.

Report: Benghazi Attack Prompts CIA Evacuations from Prison
The New York Times reports the deadly attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, during protests there against the film has seriously hampered CIA operations on the ground. Following the deaths of U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three staffers, more than a dozen CIAoperatives and contractors were evacuated. They had been gathering intelligence on armed groups operating in and around Benghazi. The Libyan government has said it only became aware of the U.S. intelligence operations after seeing the number of operatives being evacuated.

U.S. Releases Names of Cleared Gitmo Prisoners
The Obama administration has released the names of 55 Guantánamo Bay prisoners who have been cleared for release. The names are part of a group of 86 prisoners who received approval to be transferred from Guantánamo three years ago but have remained in captivity. Guantánamo defense attorneys say the disclosure will make it easier to advocate for those identified but have urged the United States to reveal the remaining names and begin transfers without further delay.

Human Rights Lawyer Assassinated in Honduras
A prominent human rights lawyer known for defending peasants in Honduras has been assassinated. Antonio Trejo was attending a wedding when he was shot to death just outside the church. Trejo represented several peasant rights groups in their struggle against wealthy Honduran landowners. Hours before his death, he had spoken out publicly as part of his vocal opposition to plans for privately run cities in Honduras with their own police and tax system.

Chevron Probed for Hiding Pollutants at Richmond Plant
The federal government has opened a criminal probe of Chevron’s oil refinery in Richmond, California, after discovering the company funneled pollutants away from monitoring equipment and instead burned them off into the sky. The discovery came at the same facility where a massive fire sparked blazing fires and a health scare for surrounding residents last month. The alleged rerouting of the pollutants meant federal monitors have had no way of knowing how much pollution was emitted into the air and toward residents living downwind from the plant.