Foster mom cat and kittens ready to be adopted. SF Bay area

Out latest foster cats. The kittens are Monkey, Lilly, and Shadow. They are about 5 months old and are snipped, chipped, and ready to go to their forever homes.

Hippity, the mom, is about a year or so. She has a clipped ear, which signifies a feral cat that has been trapped and neutered. Their ears are clipped to show they don’t need to be trapped again. However, she is not feral at all, is quite friendly and affectionate, and like the kittens, gets on fine with people and other cats.. She probably lived in a house until she got pregnant then was dumped outside to fend for herself.

They are healthy and have had all shots. SF Bay Area.

Hippity, the mom
Kittens Shadow and Lilly (male and female)
Kitten Monkey (female)


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