Thugs and killers responsible for Benghazi attack

The Benghazi attack may have been planned with the movie used as a pretext to enrage the populace.

This was a coordinated attack, more of a commando-style event,” Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Mich., told CBS News. “It had both coordinated fire — direct fire and indirect fire. There appeared to be military maneuvers approaching the facility.”

Islam movie-maker ‘Sam Bacile’ may not exist

The man who produced the anti-Islamic film—or trailer, at least—that set off the deadly violence in Libya and Egypt is identified as “Sam Bacile” in news accounts, but now it appears that no such person exists.

I’m not sure who is more contemptible and loathsome, the filmmaker who deliberately made a movie with the hopes of causing riots or the extremists who used it as an excuse to murder and further their political ends. This is a perfect example of how lunatic fringes can not exist without each other, since they feed on each others derangement.

“Bad craziness”, as the good doctor used to say.


  1. These are the same people that we supported by bombing Libya, the idea that this was a “people’s” uprising is wrong. This was a coalition of ethnic/religious factions looking for power to further their own particular agenda. It suited the West to support them and get rid of Gaddaffi, in so doing letting the Western oil barons in to make a killing. Now that Gaddaffi has gone the power groups won’t give up their weapons until they get as much power for their own little faction as they can. But like in Iraq, the West doesn’t really care what kind of state it leaves these countries in, as long as it has the financial control of the natural resources, in this case,oil. This is a corporate world, profit before people. The people of Iraq and Libya will never get back to the material standard of living, the health care, the education system etc. they had before we bombed them into democracy. But like I said, that doesn’t matter, he have the oil.

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